Mario A. Contreras - MC Horse Training

Skilled in training horses of many breeds, ages, and sexes, Mario A. Contreras is one of the premier trainers in the Midwest for in-hand and under saddle equine performance. Schooled in classical methods, Mario takes his training to the next level and brings out the best of each individual horse and or rider.

Descending from generations of family prided in the art of training horses, Mario has carried on the tradition. From Doma Vaqeura to the Dressage Competition arena, to airs above the ground in front of crowds of thousands, experience in many riding disciplines and forms of training horses shaped the stylized training methods of Mario A. Contreras. He has become skilled in the art of equine communication on many levels and always on the quest to gain new knowledge and understanding of the horse, Mario is a true horseman.

Classical Dressage training preserves the horse's soundness and happiness, all the while developing the horse systematically according to time-honored and tested principles based on bio mechanics and psychology of the horse. Mario does not discriminate horses based on breed or sex, provided their movement and gaits are suitable for dressage, and their temperament is willing, generous, and suitable for the his training program. Mario reserves the right to refuse horses into training which he feels will be unsuitable in his program.

All new horses are accepted on a "trial basis". It is imperative to Mario's raining program that the horses are happy, therefore Mario reserves the right to cancel any agreements after this trial period, for any reason.